About Us

The Charity Vouchers service began in 2002. Anglia Giving, which is a non-profit company (Limited by Guarantee), runs the service. It was specifically set up to to raise funds for UK charities.

Charity Vouchers were originally conceived and publicised by us, in the late 1980s. Back then, we used the name ‘Charity Gift Tokens’.

The idea is very simple; Charity gift vouchers let people buy, and then give, charitable donations as gifts. The recipients then donate their voucher’s value to any UK Registered Charity of their choice.

And, the charities they choose get 100% of the value of the vouchers they have been given!

“At Charity Vouchers, you can buy a voucher for someone else that can be donated to any registered UK charity.” Daily Express, ‘Christmas Gift Ideas’, 18th October 2022

Although it is not-for-profit, our company isn’t a charity itself. This is mainly because it doesn’t favour any specific charitable cause or causes. However, the company keeps the running costs of the service and administrative charges to a minimum, as any good charity does. In this way it aims to ensure that the maximum possible funds are able to be passed on to charities.

A Charity Voucher has the great benefit of letting the recipient of the gift select a charity of their own choice. It actively involves the recipient in donating and makes it a really enjoyable and rewarding gift to receive.


Charity gift vouchers are also a really thoughtful and different type of gift. Not just another novelty item, bottle of wine,  scarf, tie or box of chocolates!

And in these environmentally aware times, the vouchers are also a very ‘green’ gift. If you’re looking for a sustainable Christmas gift, for example, you can’t go wrong with Charity Vouchers – they generate little or no waste, and they don’t clutter our lives with trivial ‘stuff’ that may go unappreciated and unused. Plus, vouchers don’t use up lots of valuable resources to manufacture, store and eventually dispose of in landfill.

But the real point of Charity Vouchers is that they raise valuable funds for charities. Not just the larger charities that can run expensive advertising and marketing promotions. Any size of charity. A Charity Voucher can be used to support major national charities, or it can it can be used to support small, specialised local charities. It’s the recipient’s choice.

“Such a brilliant gift idea – I was on the receiving end this year but will give vouchers myself in future.”
Helen F. (January 2022)

Anglia Giving has been a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations since 2002. In 2017 it also became a certified member of Social Enterprise UK. In 2021 the company registered with the Fundraising Regulator.