FAQs – Can I order two Charity Vouchers for one card in a posted order?

Yes. Any posted orders of £30 or over may be split into 2 vouchers, at no extra charge. So, for example, a customer might prefer to order two £25 vouchers to go in a card instead of just one £50 voucher. This gives the recipient the choice of giving both vouchers to one charity or giving the first voucher to one charity and the second to another. However, because of the additional costs involved in sending additional vouchers and processing additional voucher redemptions, we ask customers to limit this to two vouchers per card.

To order two vouchers for a single posted card, just proceed as you would normally to order a voucher. When you see the ‘Order Notes’ field on the ‘Checkout’ page, simply type a note to ask for two smaller denomination vouchers rather than one large denomination voucher. We’ll do the rest.

We regret that we can only do this for posted vouchers and are not able to do the same for printable and e-vouchers – for which, each additional voucher incurs an additional £1 administration fee.
However, please note that a donor can always split their voucher between two charities. This is explained in the ‘Redeeming’ section of our FAQs page.