FAQs – Can I split my Charity Voucher between two or more charities?

Yes. Vouchers of £20 or over may be split between 2 or more charities, as long as the value of the donation to any individual charity is not less than £10.

Although we always try to accommodate the wishes of our donors, as a general rule we prefer donors not to split vouchers up into too many smaller donations. This is because of the additional staff time it takes to process each separate donation. As an example, we would be happy for a donor to split a £50 voucher into two £25 donations. However, ideally we would prefer the donor not to split it into five separate £10 donations.

To split a single voucher between two charities when donating, simply go online, enter the voucher number and then enter the first charity you wish to support, together with the value you wish to donate to them. Then, repeat the process to donate to the second charity, this time entering the remaining value of the voucher.