FAQs – Do Charity Vouchers have an Expiry Date?

Yes. The standard Charity Vouchers are valid for a minimum of one year from the date of purchase: a ‘valid until’ date is printed on the front of each voucher. However, the sooner vouchers are redeemed, the sooner the money can be put to good use by the charities!

As with all gift vouchers, some Charity Vouchers we sell will never get used – sometimes they get lost or forgotten about. However, we do everything we can to keep this number to a minimum by making it as easy as possible to redeem vouchers by offering Freepost, Freephone, online redeeming via a mobile phone, tablet or PC and so on. For Charity Vouchers which do expire without being redeemed, their cash value is used to help fund the running of the not-for-profit Charity Vouchers service, alongside income from our processing fees. Without these sources of income it would not be able to run the company and, in turn, would not be possible to make the money for charities which the Charity Vouchers service currently generates.

If you were given a voucher but have misplaced it, we are happy for you to ask the person who gave it to you to contact us and we will normally be able to reissue the voucher. There is no charge for doing this.