FAQs – Does Anglia Giving Take a Commission on Each Voucher?

No. When a voucher is redeemed, the full face-value of the voucher is sent to the charity which the donor has chosen to help.

However, as with all gift-vouchers, some Charity Vouchers don’t get redeemed and eventually expire. The company uses the majority of the money which results from this, to help cover its core costs (see FAQ: ‘What happens to any unredeemed vouchers?’). This is in addition to income from the processing fees charged to buyers, and is also in addition to generous private financial support which the organisation has received since it was established in 2002. The Charity Vouchers service has also been able to run at very low cost because it has been able to rely heavily on volunteers to do the day to day processing work.

It is this combination of factors which enables us to be able to ensure that we remain able to guarantee donors that 100% of the value of all redeemed vouchers goes to the charities chosen, which we see as an essential part of providing the Charity Vouchers service.