FAQs – How does Anglia Giving pay charities?

Anglia Giving uses a variety of methods to make payments to charities, depending on several factors, including which online payment services the charity uses and also the value of the voucher itself.

Wherever possible, Anglia Giving makes payments directly by bank transfer. Occasionally, in the absence of more suitable options, payments may be made by cheque. In both these situations the charity receives 100% of the value of the voucher.

If it is necessary to make a payment via the charity’s own website donation service, or by using a donation platform specifically recommended by the charity, the charity usually incurs fees/charges from this. As a result, although we still send the charity a payment for 100% of the value of the voucher, the partners that the charity has chosen to work with will probably deduct a small percentage.

During exceptionally busy times, such as the Christmas period, it can take several days to make payments for redeemed vouchers. However, at all other times, most payments are made within one working day of the voucher being redeemed. As soon as payment has been made our Check a Voucher database is updated so that the donor can see that the donation has been sent to the charity chosen.