FAQs – How does Anglia Giving pay charities?

The method that Anglia Giving uses to make payments to charities depends on a variety of factors – in particular, which payment services the charity uses and also the value of the voucher.

The preferred method we use is a service called MyDonate. This service applies a very small fee to cover payment processing and Anglia Giving pays that fee itself. This is the commonest method we use to make donations. Anglia Giving also makes some payments directly by bank transfer and also, occasionally, by cheque. In all these situations the charity receives 100% of the value of the voucher.

If we have to make a payment via the charity’s own website, or by using a donation platform specifically recommended by the charity, we again give 100% of the voucher value but the charity usually incurs fees/charges at their end. It is often not clear what the costs will be but they can occasionally be up to 5% of the donation value.