FAQs – How Long Does Anglia Giving Take to Pay Charities Once Vouchers are Redeemed?

We frequently make payments on the same day a voucher is redeemed. During the Christmas period the high number of payments mean that donations tend to take longer to pay. However, overall in 2017/18 the average time between notification and payment was approximately just one working day.

If we go directly to a donation service, or the charity’s own website takes us to their own choice of donation service, there will usually be a delay of a few days between us making the payment and the donation service passing it on to the charity. This is because they usually put multiple donations together into a single payment to reduce administrative and transaction costs for themselves and also for the charity. However, from the moment we make the payment, it will normally show on the charity’s account with the online payment service, so that the charity can see that a payment is imminent. For example MyDonate makes payments to charities weekly.

Users are able to utilise the automated ‘Check a Voucher’ facility on our website, to see if we have completed processing the payment for any individual voucher.