FAQs – How much do Charity Vouchers cost?

The price you pay is the face-value of the voucher/s plus a small fee towards our costs:-

E-vouchers and printable vouchers – a fee of £1.00 per voucher is charged for processing.

Posted vouchers/cards – a printing/processing fee is charged which is £1.50 per voucher, plus there is a one-off fee of £1.00 per order to help cover costs of postage and packing (P&P).

For example
1x £30.00 e-voucher costs £30.00 + £1.00 (processing) = £31.00
1x £30.00 posted voucher costs £30.00 + £1.50 (printing/processing) + £1.00 (P&P) = £32.50.

2x £30.00 e-vouchers cost £60.00 + £2.00 (processing) = £62.00
2x £30.00 posted vouchers cost £60.00 + £3.00 (printing/processing) + £1.00 (P&P) = £64.00

Our fees help us to cover our costs and therefore avoid the need to take any commission on voucher donations when they are sent to charities. In this way we are able to guarantee that, when vouchers are redeemed, 100% of the value of the voucher is given to the charity. As a not-for-profit company, we aim to pass on as much money as possible to the charities we were set up to help.

For more information about how we cover the costs of running the company, please see the FAQ question in the ‘General Questions’ section : “How is the Charity Vouchers service funded?