FAQs – I haven’t received the e-voucher/printable voucher I ordered?

If your order was placed during our normal working hours and you haven’t received it within three hours of the order being placed it will often mean that we have sent the order but that it has been filtered out by your email programme. Please check the Junk, Spam and Deleted folders. If the voucher is there it can usually just be dragged back to the ‘Inbox’ and used in the normal way.

In the unlikely event that our email/s are still not visible, please contact us and we will be glad to resend the voucher/s. It is also helpful if you have a second email address we can send to as well, because it may have different settings which avoid the problem of filtering.

In practice, these situations are rare, and most customers receive their vouchers within an hour of their orders being placed, without any difficulties at all.