FAQs – My previous orders aren’t showing when I log in to my account

Anglia Giving is constantly seeking ways to maintain our excellent record on protecting customer data in the face of an increasing number of online data breaches across all sectors of the internet. As a result we have changed our policy with regard to online storage of customer data. We now routinely clear data from the website and store it ‘offline’. This would minimise the number of customers affected in the unlikely event of a breach occurring.

Whilst we accept that this may occasionally be inconvenient for some customers, we believe that on balance it is in the best interest of all customers. In the event that you would like information on your previous orders we are happy to issue order details on request. We apologise if this change causes any confusion or inconvenience but trust that our customers will understand that our over-riding intention is to act responsibly to protect our customers’ private contact information and other data wherever possible.