FAQs – What Are E-vouchers?

E-vouchers are the same concept as our standard vouchers but are simply sent as an e-mail gift to the recipient. The email is sent to the buyer first, to add their own message and then they ‘forward’ it to the recipient at the time of their choosing.

The email contains the image chosen by the buyer from our range, for example a ‘Happy Birthday’ image, and below that is an image of a Charity Voucher, for the value ordered. All the recipient needs to do in order to redeem it is to click on the unique Voucher Identification Number. It will then take them straight to the online redeeming page of our website with the voucher number and value automatically filled in.

E-vouchers have several advantages over our standard vouchers and cards:

  • easy redeeming means that vouchers can be donated to the charities very quickly and can start ‘making a difference’ very quickly too.
  • for friends and family overseas, e-vouchers are both faster and cheaper to send than our posted vouchers. Then, coupled with our online redeeming, anyone anywhere in the world can donate the voucher to a UK charity straight away.
  • they are a ‘greener’ gift because, of course, almost no physical resources are consumed in producing and posting the vouchers, cards, envelopes, etc.
  • last but not least, because we don’t have any printing and posting costs, e-vouchers work out significantly cheaper than cards/vouchers sent by post.

(Please note that orders received outside our normal working hours will be processed at the start of the next working day).

To buy e-vouchers, simply go through the normal steps to buy a voucher and you will be asked which format you would like to order: posted voucher, print-your-own voucher or e-voucher.