FAQs – What Are Printable Vouchers?

Printable Vouchers are the same concept as our standard vouchers except that we email you a voucher (in an A4 foldable ‘card’ format) to print out yourself.

To buy printable vouchers, simply go through the normal steps to buy a voucher and, at the end, you will be asked which format you would like to order: posted voucher, printable voucher or e-voucher.

The voucher is sent in an Adobe ‘.pdf’ format – so almost all computers will be able to open it very easily. To see an example printable voucher, or to confirm that your computer can open ‘pdf’ files, please click here.

Printable vouchers have some real advantages over our standard vouchers and cards:

  • They are great last-minute gifts because orders received during normal working hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) are usually processed, and the vouchers sent out, on the day of ordering – often within the hour. This means they can be printed out and given to the recipient the same day!
  • You can still write your own message inside the ‘card’ which means that the voucher keeps that ‘personal’ feel
  • The finished, folded voucher and ‘card’ look great and, if you have thick photo-quality paper, and print at ‘photo-quality’, they look and feel better still.
  • They are a ‘greener’ gift because fewer resources are consumed producing and posting the vouchers, cards, envelopes, etc.
  • Last but not least, because we don’t have any printing and posting costs, printable vouchers work out significantly cheaper than cards/vouchers sent by post.

(Please note that orders received outside normal working hours will be processed at the start of the next working day).