FAQs – What is Anglia Giving’s policy on treating customers and donors fairly?

Anglia Giving takes all reasonable steps to treat users of its service fairly and with respect.
Our Frequently Asked Questions page is written in plain English and explains to all service users how the business operates, including how it is funded. It also explains in detail the methods we use to make donations on behalf of users, and how we protect their personal data – it is only ever shared with charities if we are explicitly asked by the donor to do so.

Anglia Giving takes into account the needs of any potential donor who may be in a vulnerable circumstance or require additional care and support to make an informed decision. We encourage people to contact us if they have any queries at all, and we provide a Freephone number to call. We answer most calls in person and immediately and without complex ‘menus’ to work through.

Anglia Giving aims to respond appropriately to the individual needs of all customers and donors and to adapt its offer to suit the needs and requirements of different service users. For example, Anglia Giving makes it very easy for all its users, including any vulnerable users, to donate their vouchers. This is done by offering four free methods to redeem vouchers. This even includes providing a Freepost envelope with all our posted vouchers so that a donor only needs to write the name of their chosen charity on the front of the voucher and post it back to us. Because it is Freepost, the postage cost is met by Anglia Giving. Once again, a Freephone number is also available. The whole process is designed to be as easy as possible for everyone to use.

When redeeming vouchers there is a deliberate policy of not recommending or promoting any particular charity or charities so that users who may be more easily inflenced are left completely free to make their own choice of charity to donate to.

Anglia Giving will never exploit the credulity, lack of knowledge, apparent need for care and support or vulnerable circumstance of any user of its service at any point in time. If we know or have reasonable grounds for believing that an individual lacks capacity to make a decision to purchase vouchers we will not accept the order. Any order placed by someone who is subsequently found to have lacked capacity at the time of purchase will be refunded immediately and in full.

Finally, there is a link to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions on every page of our website and our Terms and Conditions are also included with every order issued. Wherever possible we aim for a straightforward and open approach to providing the Charity Vouchers service.

Anglia Giving has been operating since 2002 and is proud of the care it has always taken over all users of the service and is 100% committed to ensuring that this quality of service continues in the years ahead.

If you would like any further information about this area, please contact us on our Freephone number between 9am and 5pm any weekday or use the Contact Us page to find an alternative method that is convenient for you.