FAQs – Which Charities can Charity Vouchers be Given To?

Charity Vouchers can be given to well over 100,000 charities.

In England and Wales Charity Vouchers can be given to any Registered Charity.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland we can also make donations to most charities but we ask all donors to provide their contact details in case of any problem in making the donation.

For charitable organisations which are not Registered Charities, we regret that we normally cannot make donations. Please contact us directly if the organisation you wish to donate to is not a Registered Charity.

We will always try to make payment to a donor’s chosen charity if at all possible. Occasionally there can be problems doing this, for example where we are unable to clarify that an organisation has a clear charitable purpose or where a charity no longer exists or where there is more than one charity with a similar name. Consequently, we advise all donors to provide contact details in case of any query about making the donation to their chosen charity. If there is a problem we will ask the donor to clarify exactly which charity they wished to give to and occasionally we may have to ask the donor to choose an alternative organisation.

In the event that we do not have contact details for the donor, and we are unable to make a donation to the charity named for any reason, then the staff at Anglia Giving will use their discretion to make a payment to a charity whose area of activity seems the closest fit to the charity nominated. We would prefer not to do this if it could be avoided which is why we ask all donors to provide their contact details, although we do not make it compulsory.

Charitable organisations outside the United Kingdom. Regrettably, we cannot make payments to charitable organisations outside the United Kingdom. If you require clarification on this point, please contact us directly on 0300 365 1530 or 0044 1328 730530 if you are outside the UK.