How much do Charity Vouchers cost?
What denominations are Charity Vouchers available in?
How Can I Order Charity Vouchers?
Can I order two Charity Vouchers for one card in a posted order?
What is Your Refund Policy?
What Are E-vouchers?
What Are Printable Vouchers?
I haven't received the e-voucher/printable voucher I ordered?


Do Charity Vouchers have an Expiry Date?
Which Charities can Charity Vouchers be Given To?
Can I split my Charity Voucher between two or more charities?
How does Anglia Giving pay charities?
How Long Does Anglia Giving Take to Pay Charities Once Vouchers are Redeemed?
Will the Donors Receive a Confirmation of the Donation from the Charity they Choose?
Can People See Which Charity is Given a Particular Voucher?
I Live Outside the UK, How Can I Redeem My Voucher?


How is the Charity Vouchers service funded?
What Happens to any Unredeemed Vouchers?
Who Runs the Charity Vouchers Service?
Does Anglia Giving Take a Commission on Each Voucher?
Can Tax be Reclaimed Under the 'Gift Aid' Scheme?
What is the company's Privacy Policy?
I have a complaint - what should I do?