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‘Charity Vouchers’ is the original gift voucher scheme aimed at raising money for charities. The idea was first proposed by us in ‘The Times‘ back on November 28th, 1989! Our company, Anglia Giving, is a not-for-profit business (Limited by Guarantee). We have been a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) ever since the company was set up in 2002 and we are also members of Social Enterprise UK. Anglia Giving can make payments to all UK Registered Charities. Charities do not need to be registered with us.

We work hard to make redeeming vouchers as quick and easy (and therefore as cost-effective) as possible for charities. We don’t want charities wasting money unnecessarily on staff time, phone calls, stamps, or writing letters, thereby reducing the real value of the donation. Unlike some similar schemes, we do not charge charities any fees to benefit from our service. There is no need to sign-up in advance or to become a formal member of the scheme. Charities are sent 100% of the face-value of the vouchers given to them. Please note that the Gift Aid scheme cannot currently be applied to any donations made using Charity Vouchers.

Anglia Giving was initially set up with funds donated for the purpose. Ongoing funding comes from two main sources: the fees charged to voucher buyers and the value of expired, unredeemed vouchers. Where surplus funds are available these are donated to a variety of well-known UK charities.

How to collect donations

If your charity has received a voucher, the fastest and easiest thing to do is to click the link below and fill in the minimal information required. It takes about a minute.

When a voucher is redeemed online or by phone, there is no need to post the voucher back to us. It can either be destroyed once the payment has been received, or retained for record-keeping purposes.

Finally, some organisations might prefer to simply post the voucher back to us using our Freepost address and we’ll do the rest when we get it. Every charity is different so it is whatever is easiest for each individual organisation.

Has Your Charity Been Sent a Voucher?

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We usually process redeemed vouchers within one or two working days, although usually a little longer after Christmas. Redeeming vouchers received directly from donors as quickly as possible strengthens the confidence of donors in our service as well as maximising their enjoyment of using it.

The overwhelming majority of donors redeem their vouchers directly with us rather than via charities. This is is usually done online but can also be through the post using our Freepost service.

If we have bank details for a charity we will usually pay this way, and send the charity an email to confirm when the payment has been made. The email will contain the unique voucher number/s and our payment reference. Approximately 60% of all donations are currently made this way.

If we don’t have these details we will usually make donations using a charity’s website donation facility. We prefer not to do this because of the fees charged to charities for processing the donations and so we are working to increase our database of charity’s bank details.

Occasionally, if it is not possible to pay online or by bank transfer, we will make payments by cheque.

We do not currently seek the donor’s permission to pass their details on to charities but, if we are making a payment by bank transfer and we have been given a standard message of thanks, we will always include this in the email we send to donors to tell them that the payment for their voucher has been made.

Many charities’ websites respond to online donations with an automatic message of thanks, either on the website or in a confirmation email. If so, we pass this message back to the donor, together with the payment date and any unique reference number for the donation that we have been given.

Encouraging giving

Charity Vouchers are an increasingly popular gift and a great way for recipients to support their favourite charities. We’re here to support charities and to make the Charity Voucher service even more successful, to raise ever increasing amounts for charities at a time of real shortage. We think we do an excellent job, and we’re proud of what we do (on a limited budget). However, if you’ve got any problems at all with using the service or any queries about Charity Vouchers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Charity Vouchers team