Fundraising Solicitation Statement

Anglia Giving (company number 04441647 – a non-charitable not for profit company) operates Charity Vouchers. It solicits funds for charitable causes generally, and not for the benefit of any particular institution or institutions. Although Anglia Giving does not fundraise for a known named charity, as a professional fundraiser, it nonetheless wishes to be clear that:

  • A Recipient of a Charity Voucher may select any registered charity in England and Wales or Scotland or any Northern Ireland charity appearing on the register to receive the value of the voucher (see our Terms and Conditions on what happens where it is not possible to give to a particular charity)
  • Anglia Giving will pay 100% of the face value of the Charity Voucher redeemed before the expiry date stated on the voucher to the nominated Registered Charity.
  • Anglia Giving charges an administration fee which is charged in addition to the value of the Charity Voucher at the time of purchase. For our Standard Service, this is £1.20 for printable and e-vouchers, and £1.95 (plus £1.15 for postage and packaging) for posted vouchers and for our Tailored Services, this will be a sum agreed with the Purchaser.

If a Charity Voucher is not redeemed before the expiry date, Anglia Giving retains the face value of the voucher, for use to help cover its administration and development costs.