How it works

Step 1

Choose the occasion you want, such as Christmas, and then choose the particular design you would like from our selections.

Step 2

Choose which of the three voucher formats you would like: our normal voucher-card which we send out by post, an e-voucher which we send out by email and you forward it on by e-mail, or a print-it-yourself voucher which we email to you. More information about each format is provided below.

Step 3

Choose the value of the voucher you want: from £15 upwards: £15, £20, £25, £30, £35, £40, £45, £50 and so on.

Step 4

The cost is the face-value of the voucher/s plus a small fee towards our costs: For e-vouchers and printable vouchers the handling fee is £1.20 per voucher. For our posted vouchers-cards the printing/handling fee is £1.95 per voucher-card, plus a one-off fee of £1.15 per order for postage/packing.

Step 5

Our standard vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue, and the expiry date is clearly shown on every voucher issued.

Posted vouchers

Our standard vouchers are printed directly into our attractive greetings cards. On the charity gift card there is a clear and simple explanation for the recipient, of what a Charity Voucher is and how to use it. To see an example card click here.

We post your ‘voucher-card’ to you by First Class mail, usually on the same day it is ordered.

Next, just add your message and then give the card to whoever it’s for. Give it to them by hand, or pop it in the post.

If you’re short of time, or if you’re outside the UK, you may prefer us to add your personal message to the card for you, and then we can post it directly to the recipient on your behalf. There is no additional fee for this service. (To do this, at ‘Checkout’, tick the box that says ‘Ship to a different address?’. Then fill in the recipient’s details and write your personal message in the ‘Order Notes’ box. We’ll do the rest).

Please note that we are not able to post orders to any addresses outside the UK.

The fees for posted vouchers are £1.95 handling fee for each voucher, plus a one-off fee of £1.15 per order for postage and packing.

Printable vouchers

This is the same service as the posted charity gift vouchers but, instead of posting, we instantly e-mail you a voucher (in an A4 foldable format) to print out yourself. You then fold it with two simple folds, into a ‘card’. Cheaper than our posted vouchers, very quick and easy, and perfect for last-minute gifts!

The voucher is sent as an Adobe ‘pdf’, which is a type of file that most computers will be able to ‘read’ easily. To see an example voucher, or just to check that your computer can open ‘pdf’ files, click here.

The charge for printable vouchers is simply the face-value of the voucher plus a £1.20 handling fee for each voucher.


This is the same service but all done by e-mail. Instead of printing out the voucher, you simply add your own message and then forward the email to the recipient. E-vouchers are great for last-minute presents, or for sending from abroad, and they’re cheaper than our posted vouchers. E-vouchers are also great ‘green’ gifts. To order, simply select the value of the voucher you want and we will instantly issue your e-voucher to you.

You will receive an email showing an image of the voucher, above a quick and simple explanation for the recipient of what the voucher is and how to donate it. You just add your own subject line to the email, and your own message above the voucher image, and then forward the email to the recipient. When they get it, the text explains everything they need to know. They simply click a link which goes straight to the online-donating page of our website. Their unique voucher number and the value of their voucher are filled in on the page automatically. All they need to do is choose a charity they want to give to!

To see an example e-voucher click here.

The charge for e-vouchers is the face-value of the voucher plus a £1.20 handling fee for each voucher.