£1000 donation to Coronavirus Appeal

We have just made a donation of £1000 to UK’s National Emergencies Trust (NET) Coronavirus Appeal to help those most affected by the crisis.

NET is the UK-focussed equivalent of DEC (the international ‘Disasters Emergency Committee’). It was set up in November 2019. NET works collaboratively with a wide range of organisations to ensure the maximum amount of money is raised and that it is distributed securely, effectively, and fairly to those organisations and local charities who can do most to help those in need. In this way the donors know they’re giving specifically to those who need it the most.
Funds raised are being allocated by the UK’s network of local Community Foundations. Individuals and charities should not apply directly to NET for funds but instead should approach the Community Foundation for their area.

The money we have donated is available to be given because, as with all gift vouchers, some Charity Vouchers never get used. Anglia Giving, which runs the Charity Vouchers service, is a not-for-profit company and it uses some of this unused voucher money to help keep the company on a sustainable financial footing so it can continue generating donations for charities in the years ahead. However, we are also able to use some of this money to donate to charities, and we believe that the Coronavirus Appeal is something that most people who use the Charity Vouchers service will be glad to see us supporting at this difficult time.

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