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Service over the Christmas period
24th December 2016

The Charity Vouchers office is now closed for the Christmas period. However, we will be providing a minimal service where we will check periodically for online orders or queries, and we will try to deal with them the same day if possible, although we cannot guarantee this.

Our telephones will not be staffed during this period but please leave a message and we will answer as soon as possible.

The office will open normally again at 9am on Wednesday morning when we return to our usual working hours of Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

The Charity Vouchers team

Four UK charities rated as most effective
5th December 2016

Four UK-based charities have been rated as being among the most effective in the world by the GiveWell organisation, based in the USA, which conducts research in charity effectiveness.

The charities were: Against Malaria Foundation, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, Malaria Consortium and Sightsavers. Another UK charity, Development Media International, also received special mention.

GiveWell’s research focusses on issues such as cost-effectiveness, transparency, use of evaluation, and proven track-record over time. Both the Against Malaria Foundation and the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative have featured on the list of highly-rated charities almost every year for the last five years.

For GiveWell’s report go to

And the #GivingTuesday winner is….
29th November 2016

We’re delighted to say that we have now drawn a winner for our #GivingTuesday ‘Charity Anagram Competition’. And the winner is… Avril H. from Surrey. We’ve sent Avril a £100 Charity Voucher to donate to the charity of her choice. We’ve also sent out a £10 Charity Voucher to three runners-up.

For anyone who had a go but couldn’t quite get them all, the answers were:
Dogs Trust      Water Aid      Children in Need      Salvation Army      Help for Heroes      Save the Children      Cancer Research UK

Thanks to everyone who took part in this little bit of #GivingTuesday fun!

The Charity Vouchers Team

Win a £100 Charity Voucher on #GivingTuesday!
25th November 2016

Enter our ‘Charity Anagram Competition’ to celebrate #GivingTuesday – the day to do good stuff for charity, straight after ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’. (This year it’s on November 29th).

Each of the following seven anagrams is a famous charity. Once you’ve got them all, simply click here to enter. Put your name and email address, call your message ‘Anagram Competition’ and then tell us the seven charity names. Easy!

One correct entry will be picked at random and the winner will receive a £100 Charity Voucher to donate to any UK Registered Charity of their choice!

Enter by 3pm on ‘GivingTuesday’ November 29th. We’ll email the lucky winner a bit later on in #GivingTuesday to let them know they’ve won.

The seven charities are…

Oh and by the way, please don’t keep it to yourself – it’s all for GivingTuesday, so share it with your friends on facebook and twitter and you’ll be Giving them the chance to win on Tuesday too!

#firstfiver campaign raises millions
18th November 2016

When fundraising consultant John Thompson suggested that people donate the first new £5 note they receive to a charity of their choice he probably didn’t expect that up to 2.5 million people would do just that, and raise up up to £12.5 million for charities in the process. These figures come from the results of a YouGov survey commissioned by the Charities Aid Foundation.

2016 sees a rise in UK ‘social awareness’
7th October 2016

Fundraising UK says people are more inclined to volunteer and have become more politically and socially aware since the beginning of 2016, according to new Charities Aid Foundation research.

The Foundation’s research looks into how people feel about their community and society in the aftermath of the EU referendum, and finds that 18% of people feel more inclined to volunteer now than they did at the beginning of 2016, while 30% say they have become more active in a social or political cause. CAF suggests that these increases in social and political awareness have been driven by the Brexit vote.

Record-breaking sales so far in 2016
2nd October 2016

In the first 6 months of 2016/17 the number of orders we received was up by over 10% on last year which, itself, was a record year for the Charity Vouchers service.

Brits run around the world 9,000 times for charity!
22nd April 2016

UK runners have covered the equivalent of 9,000 laps of the earth in the past 12 months, raising hundreds of millions of pounds for charities in the process.

This is the conclusion of the research published by the Charities Aid Foundation in the ‘run-up’ to this weekend’s London Marathon.

The Charity Vouchers team wish the very best of luck to everyone taking part on Sunday morning.

Macmillan back on top
7th March 2016

Macmillan Cancer Support took back pole position from Cancer Research UK, as the charity receiving the highest number of Charity Voucher donations in 2015. Third was the Alzheimer’s Society, up 2 places since 2014. Next came Save The Children, up by 5 places, and then Alzheimer’s Research UK up 1 place. The British Red Cross were up 11 places to 7th. One more notable riser was Crisis UK, up 18 places to 10th.

The two cancer charities that lead our Charity Voucher rankings also top theYouGov ‘Charity Index’ we reported on last month. They have topped our ‘table’ for several years. The two best-known dementia charities continue their steady rise, again mirroring the the YouGov index. However, unlike the ‘Charity Index’, we saw two charities with an international focus, rising in the top 10 – the British Red Cross and also Save The Children – probably reflecting the continuing tragic fallout from the conflict in the Middle East.

More than four hundred charities were nominated to be given Charity Voucher donations in 2015. However, our top 10 received approximately 25% of all vouchers redeemed, continuing the pattern of recent years.

The full top 10 for 2015 is shown below with their rank in 2014 in brackets.

1 Macmillan (2)
2 Cancer Research UK (1)
3 Alzheimer’s Society (5)
4 Save The Children (9)
5 Alzheimer’s Research UK (6)
6 British Heart Foundation (4)
7 Red Cross (18)
8 Water Aid (3)
9 Medecins Sans Frontieres (7)
10 Crisis UK (28)

Three New Entries in latest ‘CharityIndex’
4th February 2016

YouGov’s ‘CharityIndex’ measures public awareness of different charities. In it’s recently published report, Macmillan Cancer Support is top for the 3rd successive year, while there are also three new charities in the top ten: Alzheimer’s Research UK, Alzheimer’s Society, and Battersea Cats and Dogs Home. The top three are unchanged from 2014, with Cancer Research UK second, and Help for Heroes third.

YouGov’s 2015 end of year charity brand rankings (2014 in brackets):
1 (1) Macmillan Cancer Support
2 (2) Cancer Research UK
3 (3) Help for Heroes
4 (8) RNLI
5 (4) British Heart Foundation
6 (9) Dogs Trust
7 (N/A) Alzheimer’s Research UK
= (5) Royal British Legion
9 (N/A) Alzheimer’s Society
10 (10) Marie Curie
= (N/A) Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
= (7) British Red Cross
= (13) National Trust

YouGov’s Bryony Gunstone commented: “In a year dominated by global crises only one internationally focused charity – the British Red Cross – makes the list. This hints at how difficult it can be for aid charities to create a constant noise about the vital work they are doing”.

At Anglia Giving we believe we have seen a parallel increase in the frequency with which our donors have chosen dementia-related charities. We’ll soon be publishing our own list which will show how closely Charity Voucher donations reflect the trends from the CharityIndex. YouGov is a UK-based international market research company.