Our Christmas donations for #GivingTuesday

Some Charity Vouchers get used on the same day they’re given, others get used after a few weeks, or even a few months later. However, as with all gift vouchers, some Charity Vouchers never get used at all. Anglia Giving, which runs the Charity Vouchers service, is a not-for-profit company and it uses some of this unused money to help keep the company operating viably so that it continues to able to generate more donations for charities in the years ahead. However, we are also able to use some of this money to donate to charities. So, as our way of marking #GivingTuesday*, we are delighted to be making donations of £1000 to Cancer Research UK, currently the most popular charity among our donors, £1000 to Mind – the national mental health charity, and £1000 to the UK homelessness charity, Crisis. In the past we have been able to make donations to a wide variety of other leading UK charities and we look forward to doing so again in 2020.

* ‘Giving Tuesday’ is the Tuesday after so-called ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’. In contrast to these two days of frenzied consumerism, Giving Tuesday was established to be a global day of charitable giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season. It is a day where everyone, everywhere is particularly encouraged to do something to support the good causes that mean a lot to them. It might be volunteering time; donating money; sharing skills; donating goods, food, or clothes; organising a community event such as a street or park clean-up or even a coffee morning. The list really is endless. It is a day to encourage as many people as possible to give back by supporting a cause close to their heart or doing something good for the local community or someone in need in this ‘season of goodwill to all’.