Redeem A Charity Voucher

Now choose a charity to donate to! You can choose any charity from the drop-down list below, or just about any other UK Registered Charity you can think of: an international aid organisation, a national charity that means something special to you, or even a local church, school or scout group. Providing your contact details is optional but we strongly recommend it as it helps us in the event of any query. We do not pass your name or contact details to the charities chosen.
Please note: We cannot process vouchers issued by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

(For charities redeeming vouchers directly, please click here ).


  • All Charity Voucher numbers are 8-digits long and begin with the number '2'.

  • If the charity you want to support is not listed in the list above, type the charity's full name into the box below.
  • YOUR DETAILS (optional)

  • If we have your email details we will send you confirmation of when and how the donation payment is made - as well as the unique donation reference number from the charity. We will also send you any message of thanks from the charity if one has been provided. We strongly recommend that you provide an email address because it also allows us to contact you in case of any query. Your email address will not be passed on to the charity or any other organisations.
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