What people say….

“We received a charity voucher for mine and my wife’s 70th birthday from some dear friends. What a great idea! At our age buying presents is tricky, we’re very fortunate and don’t need any gifts. This was perfect and the online process to donate the voucher was very smooth and simple – even for a couple of 70 year olds!!”
Rob M. (October 2022)

“Such a brilliant gift idea – I was on the receiving end this year but will give vouchers myself in future.”
Helen F. (January 2022)

“I have had some lovely feedback from people already which is nice. They looked really nice in the emails. The ordering went well. We will DEFINITELY be working with you again, now we have found you!”
Sharon H. (December 2021)

“It’s a very brilliant service. Thank you very much.”
Sybil P. (December 2021)

“Thank you for your prompt response following our telephone conversation… Once again, thank you for your courtesy and efficient service.”
Ann H. (December 2021)

“You are the answer to my prayer! I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way for my sons to give a donation to their favourite charities as they’ve already got so much ‘stuff’. It was my son who put me onto your website.”
John L. (December 2021)

“What a wonderful idea. I’m so pleased you exist …”
Angie R. (May 2021)

“Thanks heaps for getting back to me so quickly! I’ve got the voucher. Amazing. I am so grateful for your website and service. I’ll be using again.”
Anna Y. (March 2021)

“Wonderfully efficient! Thank you so much for processing these so very quickly, this is really helpful!”
Robert S. (March 2021)

“Something good has come out of all this covid at least. People are thinking of charities instead of more ‘stuff’. Really good.”
Linda (January 2021)

“Thank you so much for your services. I think it’s wonderful to be able to encourage and share the virtue of giving to altruistic causes, especiallly under these difficult world events still in process right now.”
Marti D. (December 2020)

“Thank you for sending the vouchers so quickly… I was very impressed to get them and started planning right away how I would be able to give them to the intended donors for Christmas.
Everything was in order and I think this is a wonderful scheme. I bought vouchers through your organisation 2 years ago and they were a great success, so I thought I would repeat the process again this year. Best wishes,”
Josephine H. (November 2020)

” I think this is a brilliant idea. Thanks again.”
Alice W. (March 2019)

“Thanks, that’s great! And very efficient as always.”
Ann A. (February 2019)

“It’s a fantastic idea and I’d never heard of it!”
Reeta P. (November 2017)

“Hi, Thank you very much, that was very prompt service. I will certainly do this again in place of buying actual things that aren’t needed. Brilliant idea. Best wishes”
Lillian M. (May 2017)

“Thank you, I have redeemed my voucher and think that this is a wonderful project.”
Sylvia H. (March 2017)

“For people who already have everything they’re an excellent way to have presents, and they’re very happy to have them like that.”
Clifford J. (September 2016)

“Thank you very much. Everything perfect for our needs. I’m sure our competition winners will love the opportunity to make their donations. Thanks again.”
James E. (March 2016)

“I’ve never come across this before and I think it’s a brilliant idea.”
Leonard H. (December 2015)

“We have received the vouchers this morning – thank you they are great!”
Emily T. (December 2015)

“This is an excellent service, and remains unique since others do not offer donations to the large national charities many gift-receivers will be passionate about.”
Emilio C. (December 2015)

“Thank you for your email. Yes, everything was perfect thank you – Received Tuesday, and everything was in order. Thank you for that, and for such good customer service too..Best wishes.”
Mike C. (October 2015)

“Received safe and sound. Many thanks for the speedy service.”
Martin B. (August 2015)

“Many thanks for the vouchers – an excellent service. Best wishes and merry Christmas.”
Alex M. (December 2014)

“Many thanks for sorting this out for me. I am very pleased to be able to use your vouchers to give as presents to my family and will no doubt be coming back again in the future – such a good idea. Kind regards.”
Margaret S. (December 2014)