Perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and many other occasions

Recipients donate the value of their voucher to any UK Registered Charity of their choice

Ordering vouchers: Choose from three formats – posted vouchers, e-vouchers and ‘print-your-own

Donating vouchers is quick and easy, and the charities chosen get 100% of the value of the vouchers they are given

What people say


At Charity Vouchers, you can buy a voucher for someone else that can be donated to any registered UK charity.
Daily Express, ‘Christmas Gift Ideas’, 18th October 2022

“Many thanks for sorting this out for me. I am very pleased to be able to use your vouchers to give as presents to my family and will no doubt be coming back again in the future – such a good idea.”
Margaret S

“Thank you for your email. Yes, everything was perfect thank you – Received Tuesday, and everything was in order. Thank you for that, and for such good customer service too..Best wishes.”
Mike C

“Thank you for sending the vouchers so quickly… I was very impressed to get them and started planning right away how I would be able to give them to the intended donors for Christmas.
Everything was in order and I think this is a wonderful scheme. I bought vouchers through your organisation 2 years ago and they were a great success, so I thought I would repeat the process again this year. Best wishes,”
Josephine H

“For people who already have everything they’re an excellent way to have presents, and they’re very happy to have them like that.”
Clifford J

“I’ve never come across this before and I think it’s a brilliant idea.”
Leonard H

“Hi, Thank you very much, that was very prompt service. I will certainly do this again in place of buying actual things that aren’t needed. Brilliant idea. Best wishes,”
Lillian M

Fundraising Solicitation Statement: Anglia Giving (company number 04441647 – a non-charitable not-for-profit company) operates Charity Vouchers. It solicits funds for charitable causes generally, and not for the benefit of any particular institution or institutions. Although Anglia Giving does not fundraise for a known named charity, as a professional fundraiser, it nonetheless wishes to be clear that:

  • A Recipient of a Charity Voucher may select any registered charity in England and Wales or Scotland or any Northern Ireland charity appearing on the register to receive the value of the voucher (see our Terms and Conditions on what happens where it is not possible to give to a particular charity).
  • Anglia Giving will pay 100% of the face value of the Charity Voucher redeemed before the expiry date stated on the voucher to the nominated Registered Charity.
  • Anglia Giving charges a handling fee which is charged in addition to the value of the Charity Voucher at the time of purchase. For our standard service, this is £1.20 for printable and e-vouchers, and £1.95 (plus £1.15 for postage and packaging) for posted vouchers. For our tailored services, this will be a sum agreed with the purchaser.

If a Charity Voucher is not redeemed before the expiry date, Anglia Giving retains the face value of the voucher, for use to help cover its administration and development costs. (Click here for statement in full)

Note: Charity Vouchers are intended solely for use as donations to charity and may not be used as payment or part-payment for goods or services.

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